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Ellsworth's Avengers
Bakersfield, California
"Remember Ellsworth!"

             We are a reenacting company D and the second comany E of the 44th New York Zouaves. This page will be used as a method to inform any of our members and to find any other 44th New York units in the United States. 

             We hope to in the future have photos of our unit in action. We will put photos of individuals from the original 44th New York. Along with any information we have on the people we are reenacting. We are looking for a photo of the unit colors so that we might at sometime have some colors made. 

             If you are a member or officer of another 44th New York unit please email us and we can share any information we might have. 

This is a painting of Colonel Ellsworth. He was renown for bringing Zouaves to America and for the skill of his Zouave units. Ellsworth was the Unions first hero of the war. He was shot wile taking down a flag in a small Virginia town shortly after Virginia had seceded from the Union. Lincoln said after his death, "My boy! My boy! Was it necessary that this sacrifice should be made?"  Colonel Ellsworth was the first officer to be killed in the Civil War. The 44th was formed under his name after his death and was also well know for its skill. 

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